Range of Services

We provide a range of security services, which transcend the boundaries of traditional security and investigation services available in Sri Lanka.

Our specialized services are classified as follows.

 Commercial and industrial security.

 Residential security

 VIP security.

 Security for special events.

 Security consultation and surveying.

Our security personnel are well aware of following mentioned duties and responsibilities:

a. Protection of establishments, personnel and equipment.
b. Prevention and detection of crime.
c. Maintenance of order and discipline within establishment.
d. Static guard duties at gates and at vulnerable points.
e. Organizing patrols.
f. Supervising and recording of daily attendance of employees.
g. Search of employees where necessary.
h. Supervising the loading and unloading of goods.
i. Recording movements of vehicles entering or leaving the establishment.
j. Collecting, collating and communication of intelligence.
k. Fire prevention and fire fighting duties.
l. Any other matters pertaining to the security of the establishment.

Through our range of special services, we have all the tools necessary to protect your property and assets and to provide a safer environment for your staff.

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